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Post  Sven on Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:50 pm

Radiance Of Fabricated Hope....

Name: Jin Feng
Alias/Nickname: Gin
Age: 16
Weight: 126 lbs.
Height: 5'7
Type of Weapon:Crescent-Moon Blade

Alignment: 0
Race: Chinese-American
Sexuality: Hetereosexual

Family: Jin Feng:Jin's father whom he was named after, deceased.
Ling Feng:Jin's caring mother is currently missing, last seen in Death Vegas.
Relationship(s): N/A

Elaborate Barriers Unfolded...

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From head to toe, Jin Feng is a young man who gives off a dignified aura. He has dark-black, bedhair hair that flows down to his shoulders giving off a savage look. He has well-defined black eyebrows with slanted upward grey eyes filled with spirit. He has a small pointed nose and small lips with a well pointed chin. Jin has a perfect posture brimming with confidence, yet his body does not reflect such. He has small narrow shoulders and a petite body that looks like it belongs to an adolscent teenage girl, yet despite that, it is full of strength.

Personality: As previously described, Jin, preferably called Gin after the alcholic brand, is a man filled with pride and dignity. Despite this dignity though, Gin seems to care little about his self taking little to no care of his body, as shown by his savage like hair and petite body showing that he eats little food, only the neccesity of which to survive. Unlike other children, Gin never felt much about his fellow peers, nor viewed them as such. He is often called a maverick by his teachers because of his deviant behavior. He is often criticized for his lone wolf-like behavior, but there are some people who view it as a strength of his. Even though he isn't able to coop with society, he still has his dignity and motivation that makes him stride towards something bigger in life. In fact, he joined the Death Weapon Meister Academy in order to realize his goals no matter what the cost.

Goals: "I wanna' be the very best, that no one ever was!"-Pokemon

Iron Sharpens Iron...

Fighting Style: Despite being a weapon, Gin is quite skilled in the martial arts. It has been said that he is even a master at Wing Chun, which uses a foes power against them.


Weapon Transformations and other Abilities: Crescent-Moon Blade transformation
Special Notes: N/A

Proceed Foward In Reverse...


RP Sample:

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